G4S Kenya is the market leading security business in Kenya with strong market share in all key business activity areas, including Manned Security, Cash Solutions, Courier and Third Party Logistics, Security Systems, Emergency Services, Asset tracking and Document and Archiving Services. We are the largest private employer in Kenya with 15 000 employees, and play a leading role in the development of the security and other allied markets.

G4S Kenya takes pride in being a diverse organisation, enriched by the participation of all individuals and communities.

Julius Kamau, Vetting Manager  for G4S Kenya, manages the  team conducting integrity testing, criminal records referencing, credit referencing and background checks . Recently promoted from a Vetting Officer role, his duties include managing the team who conduct  background checks for prospective employees, compiling and preparing employees record for purposes of integrity testing. He also evaluates personnel employed in critical areas of the business by identifying high risk individuals and recommending appropriate action. He collects and analyses risk-related and intelligence information for pro-active decision making.

Julius holds an Honours degree in Criminology and Security Studies from Egerton University where he majored in Forensic Investigations. In addition, he holds a Higher Diploma in Forensic Psychology.

He previously worked as a Social Welfare Officer in the Kenya Prisons Service where he gained an insight into criminal profiling and human psychology. His high ability in profiling and assessing individuals allowed him to explore the avenues of vetting and screening services.

He knows the job holds many intricacies and challenges stemming from the facets of human interaction. Julius thus ensures that the vetting team has introduced measures that considerably mitigate the company against human risks by developing an honest workplace culture.

G4S is the largest security provider in Kenya and thus it has equipped him with the necessary experience and skills to ensure that measures have been put in place to gauge and assess ethical behaviour. The most rewarding thing about his job to date is that the vetting team has substantially reduced the company’s overall risk profile.

Vetting and personnel screening is a new industry in Kenya and the career path is promising when an individual like Julius Kamau has a passion for human psychology.

Julius believes in the core values of G4S, stating that, “To be successful in life, the first thing is to fall in love with your work.” G4S Kenya emphasizes key elements such as ‘Best People’ and Integrity’, which in turn engender a willingness in the employee to produce the best results through feeling involved, valued and fully engaged.