Michael Kampani was recently appointed as the  Managing Director for G4S Botswana. His primary responsibilities  include providing
strategic direction and ensuring the sustainable profitability of G4S Botswana. This  includes the achievement of operational and financial growth of the business, human resources management and development as well as sales, marketing and business development.

Previously Michael Kampani was the Regional Financial Controller – Africa. His main responsibilities included the provision of financial analytical support to the Regional Finance Director for Africa, co-coordinating the production of all Africa monthly financial results, forecasts, budgets and other reports. He also manages the resolution of group queries with businesses in the region and ensures compliance across the region with G4S group policies and procedures.

Michael began his successful career with G4S in April 1999 in his home country of G4S Malawi as Chief Accountant. He moved abroad in June 2006 to G4S Botswana as Group Financial Controller and was subsequently promoted to the position of Finance Director in December 2007. Between August 2007 and January 2008 he also acted as Managing Director for the business, an experience highly cherished as it provided the opportunity for a rounded view into the broader aspects and demands of the business.

Michael currently holds the qualifications of Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA) as well as Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accountancy.

In line with the G4S core value of continuous development of employees, Michael was part of a two year G4S Global Leadership Programme from June 2008 to May 2010, which imparted invaluable knowledge and experience from interactions with all the top G4S Group executives. His career took another international dimension in April 2011 following appointment into the current role as Regional Financial Controller for Africa. “I have been with G4S for 12 years now and have been overwhelmed with the long-term prospects our company offers.”

G4S Africa values the insightful and dynamic nature of Michael Kampani and hopes to have to have his guiding hands for many years to come.