At G4S Africa, our vision is to be recognised as the leader in providing security solutions. We therefore endeavour to build and maintain amotivated , capable workforce who are proud to work for our region and able to deliver our commercial strategy. We continue to build on the excellent people management practices which are in place across the Group in order to fully engage our workforce. Our employees are th public face of G4S and we recognise and respect the value they add to the business by delivering excellent service day after day.

Paulo César dos Santo, Manager of the Security Department on Money Transportation at G4S Sercurity Services in Mozambique, said that the company has contributed significantly, not only in improving the lives of workers but also ensuring the safety of their customers and the country in general. Paulo said that the company has a key national agenda: the fight against unemployment. Mozambique is an example. Thousands of young, previously unemployed, were recruited, trained and employed in the company. Now the same individuals are heads of families who are more likely to fulfil their dreams.

Paulo César dos Santos entered the security industry in 1995 as the Deputy Chief of Operations at Wackenhut, a company that later merged with G4S in 2005. In 2006, Dos Santos was appointed as Manager of the Residential district of Maputo City.

“In 2009, I was appointed to the position of Systems Manager of the Armed Response Unit and Deputy Director of the same department. My collaboration with the administrative sector improved my knowledge in aspects of management.”

“I was introduced to technology I have never used before, I went from an archaic security system for an innovative system based on the latest technology. This brought about a significant change in my life.” Paulo enthuses.

Speaking about the performance of his colleagues, Paulo revealed that he was proud to be part of a team of great professionals, recognising the contribution they have made and continue to make to his path of growth.

“Today I work with a strong sense of responsibility to the company because G4S is the best company in the country – with over 12 000 employees. This amongst a number of other reasons is why I feel compelled to give my best in order help move the company forward.” he said smiling.

Earlier this year, Paulo César dos Santos was promoted to the position of Security Manager of the Money Transportation Department which is a new division recently created by G4S throughout its Africa operations.

Paulo César dos Santos acknowledged the importance of the position he now holds and is proud to be a Mozambiquan occupying such a significant post.

When asked if he would recommend anyone to join G4S, Dos Santos responded positively,“I would recommend G4S. In fact I have encouraged many to trust the company I work for.”

Dos Santos urged colleagues to help make G4S a solid and effective company and calls for unity, all focussed on growth.

Leaving his final considerations, the Security Manager of the Department of Money Transportation used the occassion to congratulate the various initiatives undertaken by G4S, with a greater emphasis on the creation of a clinic for staff, where thousands of G4S employees benefit.

Paulos César dos Santos praised the effort that G4S has undertaken to improve the working conditions of their employees. “We are all in the same boat, steered toward a good port.” he concluded.