At G4S, all opinions matter. Teamwork is not just a company value, butour  philosophy.

Assisting clients in understanding the benefits of a G4S customised security solution.  At G4S Africa, our vision is to be recognised as the leader in providing security solutions.  We therefore endeavour to build and maintain a motivated, capable workforce who are proud to work for our region and able to deliver our commercial strategy.

We continue to build on the excellent people management practices which are in place across the Group in order to fully engage our workforce. Our employees are the public face of G4S and we recognise and respect the value they add to the business by delivering excellent service day after day.The Democratic Republic of Congo is a large country in central Africa. Ravaged by years of civil unrest, this giant is slowly trying to rebuild itself. G4S DRC is a sm all sized business employing 5 600 employees.The services offered range from manned security, scope vehicle monitoring, alarms and emergency panic buttons, CIT and protocol services.

For Peniel Ndeko, looking after the welfare of the diplomatic sector in the DRC is of utmost importance in his position as Security Manager. He is responsible for dealing with a number of Embassies’ offices and residences, NGOs and International Organisations.

Peniel is responsible for the resolution of client issues that result from security breaches, which can be a demanding role at times.  However, Peniel is satisfied to discover that the efforts he makes to meet clients requirements do not go unnoticed.  The challenges and rewards of my role are meaningful to me, as they have opened by mind to the business world. The challenges and rewards of my role are meaningful to me, as they have opened by mind to the business world.  “As a Security Manager, you are required on a daily basis to deal with unforeseen events.You are required to proactively prevent them from occurring.

I enjoy recommending security solutions to our clients and assisting them in understanding the benefit to be gained from our customised security solutions.”Peniel was employed as one of the first local employees in the company and he commenced his career with G4S as a Security Guard. His determination and ambition to perform well in his role propelled him into his current position.  With the experience gained in Operations as Section Leader, Control Room Operator, Inspector and Supervisor, he is a in good position to understand the challenges people under his responsibility encounter on the ground and he can assist them with practical suggestions at any time.

Peniel’s manager is very proud of his achievements within the business.“I am amazed to see the progress that Peniel has achieved in his career in the company. His style of managing others displays the company standards, and I am confident that G4S’ interests are well handled when matters are dealt with by him. He is willing to learn more and this makes him a cornerstone of my team.”

Peniel enjoys working for G4S immensely.“I am privileged by the diversity of people whom I meet – people that I would not meet if I were not employed in the role that I am. The challenges and rewards of my role are meaningful for me, as they have opened my mind to the business world.

As G4S is a multinational security company, I have obtained the necessary training to deal with VIPs professionally, how to manage accounts payable and many other things that fall outside of the formal education I received at school. This has broadened my perspective.The community respects me and my family can view life from a different angle.”Peniel would recommend working for G4S because of its reputation as the leading security provider in the DRC.“In the DRC, G4S is synonymous with security. A guard in G4S is considered to be polite and hard-working, and his education is of high value.At G4S, all opinions matter.Teamwork is not just a company value, but our philosophy.”