G4S Ghana started operations in 2005. It is currently a medium size business and employs approximately 5500 people for its operations. G4S Ghana is the industry leader for security services provision in Ghana and provides security solution services in the following areas:

  • Manned Security Solutions (MSS)
  • Electronic Systems Solutions (ESS)
  • Journey Management

Bashiru Abdul Rahim is the Operations Manager responsible for the day to day operational management of the Accra North area. He is responsible for reducing security breaches through security assessments and recommendations to clients. Bashiru has been tasked to develop new business and make business gains where possible.

Bashiru joined the company on 1st October 2005 as a Patrol Supervisor and rose through the ranks to current position of Operations Manager.  Bashiru joined as a Senior High School graduate, but has completed further study and now holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Psychology from Ghana’s premiere university, the University of Ghana.

Previous roles held within the business and a thorough knowledge of security service helps him greatly in his current role, and the experience has equipped him with the knowledge to successfully complete his studies.

Bashiru highlighted that change of management can be a challenge as well as an opportunity for employees. New management usually means new management styles and changing expectations, which challenges an individual’s established ways of working but also enhances their ease of adaptability. Bashiru highlights the collaborative management style adopted, as once a new manager takes office, seminars and workshops are held to gain buy-in and build rapport with their new team.  As a manager, he also mentioned that he has had the chance to meet high profile personalities such as MDs, CEOs and diplomats and this is very engaging to him

Michael Gyapah, line manager to ‘Bash’ says: “Bashiru Abdul is a very dedicated and committed Area Manager. His intellectual capacity, customer relation and people skills, experience and drive to succeed is exemplary.” At G4S we value good performance and we hope Bashiru will continue to grow with G4S.