Serge Kouakou’s main responsibilities as Managing Director – G4S Côte d’Ivoire are to interpret and implement overall Group strategy for Côte d’Ivoire via the development of existing markets and creation of new service lines, as well as the daily operational management of the business. Reporting to the Regional Head Office is also a significant part of his responsibilities.

Serge started his career as a Financial Auditor at Arthur Andersen and then Ernst & Young, climbing the corporate ladder into the role of Audit Manager, first for Assurances Services and then for Transaction Advisory Services. He has studied and worked in several roles in multicultural environments in Europe, USA and Africa.

Serge joined G4S Cote d’Ivoire as Finance & Administration Director in March 2005, just after the merger of Group 4 and Securicor. His first contribution to the business was defining the new finance organisation and the restructuring of the merged company.

Serge has participated in several leadership programmes in Slovakia, Poland (in 2007) and then South Africa with Wits Business School in 2008-2009. In December 2009, he was appointed as Acting Managing Director in addition to his current Finance Director role. His willingness and commitment to deliver results demonstrated his value to the business and resulted in his appointment into the role of Managing Director by mid-2010.

He has highlighted that, “Working in security is in itself quite challenging and gives the individual a compelling sense of purpose. Doing our job successfully can result simply in securing an asset from theft or can translate into saving the life a customer – failure of which would be devastating.”

A major challenge in Serge’s role as the Managing Director is not only increasing performance on revenues and results, but also the daily management of staff in line with long-term growth targets. Another challenge is pro-active management to mitigate the impact of potential risks. However, Serge mentions that, “G4S promises to give its employees the tools, the support and space to perform. This allows me to overcome most challenges. G4S is an awesome platform to implement my management skills.”

Serge feels that G4S provides a unique opportunity to prospective employees in terms of the variety of roles, competencies and exposure to various sectors. “We need generalists as well as specialist skill sets, as our customers come from all sectors. If one intends to secure a refinery, a hotel, a nuclear plant, a mobile phone operator or a mine, it’s best to know each of these sectors in order to enhance credibility. G4S therefore seeks to recruit and engage with the best employees from the most diverse background possible. G4S is just the place to be!”