G4S Kenya is the market leading security business in Kenya with strong market share in all key business activity areas, including Manned Security, Cash Solutions, Courier and Third Party Logistics, Security Systems, Emergency Services, Asset tracking and Document and Archiving Services. We are the largest private employer in Kenya with 15 000 employees, and play a leading role in the development of the security and other allied markets.

G4S Kenya takes pride in being a diverse organisation, enriched by the participation of all individuals and communities.

Cyrus Kihoro, Strategic Account Manager for G4S Kenya, handles G4S Kenya’s top three clients, namely Barclays Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Equity Bank. Cyrus is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of these clients, which includes maintaining a strong client relationship and driving value through revenue lift, brand control and other value added services. With the customers’ satisfaction and their objectives at heart, Cyrus strives to enhance critical asset management, increased revenue growth and maintain excellent customer service.

Having graduated with an Honours Degree in Business Studies & Mathematics from Kenyetta University, Cyrus joined G4s as a management trainee in June 2000. Underpinning our values of developing skills, he then underwent a rigorous 24 month training period before being deployed as an Operations Manager in the Guarding division. His full engagement and involvement would ensure the sowing of the seeds of mutual success and greatness.

His diligent work and preparation led to a rapid promotion to Branch Manager, which resulted in him serving at two branches till April 2007. Thereafter, the appointment to Relationship Manager followed, with emphasis being placed on banking clients. After a successful 2 years in relationship management, he returned to the challenging yet very rewarding challenge of Country ATM Manager. In March 2011, Cyrus was appointed to his current role and continues to serve with distinction.

Cyrus feels that being a Strategic Account Manager is the ultimate customer-relationship role. The key tasks include the challenge of delivering profit and customer satisfaction, overcoming the hurdle of handling complaints arising from poor service delivery and being the contact person between G4S and the client.

Cyrus enjoys the scope of his role, adding that, “My daily interaction with customers has made my current roles more exciting than ever before.” Cyrus also feels that G4S promotes career progression and development. He states, “The objective of teaching a child is to enable him get along without his teacher; this is what G4S equips its employees with on a daily basis. With a diverse range of solutions, every day presents an opportunity to learn something new. Where else will you find this? 10 years’ experience with G4S and I am still finding it exciting.” His further certificate qualifications in customer relationship management, sales and marketing as well as performance management are testament to this.

“I really enjoy the work I do; I always feel like a volunteer, I thus volunteer my best parts, namely my heart and my brain, that’s why I always succeed in the various roles I have held in G4S!”

G4S is pleased to have such a proactive and dedicated individual among our employees and is thrilled that his full engagement, involvement and feeling valued have made all the difference to our clients’ satisfaction.