G4S Secures Solutions is South Africa’s leading provider of security solutions, with more than 10 000 employees. What places the company at the forefront of the industry is our ability to provide cost effective, innovative integrated security solution to our customers. Our global skills and experience enable us to share best practise and expertise. Working in partnership, our services are designed to meet the total security needs of our customers, reducing risk and enabling them to focus on their core activities. G4S works to safeguard the welfare and prosperity of millions of people worldwide – helping to create safer and better environments in which people live and work. G4S operates in a number of key sectors across all nine provinces in South Africa.

Behind our hardworking frontline workforce, there is a team of dedicated administrative and managerial personnel, whose job it is to support the back office functions integral to a company of this size. One such individual is Petros Skosana, Accounts Payable Clerk at the G4S Secure Solutions Head office in Pretoria.

Petros was born in Pretoria, but grew up and completed his schooling in rural Kwaggafontein in Mpumalanga, which is roughly 97km outside Pretoria. After Petros graduated from high school in 1993, he became involved in community projects as a volunteer. Due to financial constraints, he was unfortunately unable to pursue his studies within the financial field and relocated to Pretoria in pursuit of employment opportunities.

Petros then started his career with G4S in 1995 as a Security Officer – a role that he describes as adventurous, honourable and exciting. Some of the great benefits of the job relate to the extent of client interaction and involvement with people from diverse backgrounds, which Petros found to be tremendously rewarding and enjoyable. “Because it is an international company, individuals are offered the opportunity to work with people from various backgrounds.”

With a vision to work in finance, Petros enrolled for a Financial Diploma in Accounting in 1999, which he paid for with his Security Officer salary from G4S. Petros’ view on personal development is founded in the belief that success rests squarely on the shoulders of the individual – he adds, “Don’t let personal circumstances limit your career.”

Whilst balancing the demands of part-time studies, Petros’ career also demonstrated great progression, and in 2003, he was appointed as a Site Commander, responsible for a staff compliment of eight security guards. He described this role as a new challenge for him – one that required him to lead by example to motivate his direct reports.

Shortly following his transfer to the Pretoria Head Office in 2005, Petros’ determination and commitment to his studies paid off: he was awarded his Financial Diploma in Accounting in 2006.

Subsequent to this achievement, Petros was appointed into his current role as Accounts Payable Clerk in 2008. He is currently responsible for processing payments for over 80 suppliers on a monthly basis. He believes strongly in the benefits of following process, and champions the application of and adherence to company policy and procedures.  He is also of the opinion that good communication and listening skills are vital dealing with clients on a daily basis.

In terms of challenges, Petros mentions that although he frequently experiences administrative demands when managing the quantity of daily paperwork, he enjoys working with figures immensely – a talent he developed much earlier in life when he often assisted his fellow students with their homework. His daily mantra consists of the words, “Problems don’t exist in my vocabulary.”

As an employee, Petros’ manager describes him as an extremely dedicated and focussed individual, citing his career progression as an amazing achievement: “He shows immense growth. Give him a project and you can be sure it is done.”

Petros feels that the largest contributing factor to his successful career progression was his unwavering ambition to fulfil a financial role and his perseverance. If he could offer words of encouragement to anyone with similar career aspirations, it would be to, “Network, Network, Network. This is very important in order to be successful.” He also thanks the organisation for the guidance, support and interest in assisting him to fulfil his long-term dream of working in finance, adding that, “G4S is a trend-setter that afforded me the opportunity to fulfil my dreams.”

In order to remain positive and focused, Petros exercises regularly to keep his body and mind fit. With this dedicated and optimistic take on life, it is no wonder that Petros has enjoyed such success.

“I would recommend working for G4S as employees are encouraged to utilise the development programmes that are offered by the company in order grow within their areas of expertise. All they need to do is to interact with the relevant people.”

What we do touches people’s lives in nearly every area you can imagine. Joining G4S offers a world of exciting challenges, great career opportunities and a chance to be part of the largest private employer in Africa.