Janet Bredell-Nyschens is the Corporate Account Director for G4S Secure Solutions South Africa. She is responsible for Key Account management and customer retention. Janet’s strategy and focus is in categorising each and every one of her customers in order to have a unique retention and growth plan in place for the business.  Together with her team, she enjoys dealing with people and sees herself as a trusted adviser to her customers.

After her studies at the University of Witwatersrand, Janet spent two years abroad working and travelling throughout the UK and Europe. She returned to South Africa and started her career as a receptionist with Call Guard in 1990.

A few months later she was appointed as a Sales Consultant. With no formal sales education, she enrolled and completed a Sales Management and Successful Salesmanship Course. Due to her success as a Sales consultant and the amount of growth shown, Janet was promoted into the role of National Sales Manager for Call Guard in 1995.

In 1999, Janet opened up two new business offices for Call Guard in Durban and Cape Town and sourced new clients. She showed tremendous growth in her monthly sales. Her passion for the business and the belief in the product made her successful. And for five consecutive years, she achieved 100% of her targets.

Janet was subsequently appointed to the Board of Call Guard as a Director. Shortly thereafter, Call guard was sold to Group 4 Falke. In 2001 she was appointed to the Board as Sales Director. During 2004 – 2005 she took a year’s sabbatical, after which she returned and was appointed to the Board again in 2008.

Promoted recently from Sales & Marketing Director for G4S Secure Solutions South Africa, Janet attests her success to having had a great mentor who played a significant role in building her confidence and igniting her hope. In line with G4S’s Employee Value Proposition, Janet believes in the growth and development of people. Through her experience she reflects that, “What really makes a Sales person successful is not only their Sales skillset, but also their personality, tenacity and commitment, coupled with high integrity.”

When asked about her experience with G4S, Janet highlighted that, “By Joining G4S, you are assured of a WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES!” Janet‘s career with G4S demonstrates our organisation’s value in recruiting and engaging with the very best people.